Meinolf Wortmann

Head of Research & Development, Hoesch Schwerter Extruded Profiles

Meinolf Wortmann is responsible for the design and technology department of the hot extrusion division of the Calvi holding group. He is German. In 1988 he finished his education as a degreed engineer at the university of applied science in Iserlohn. From 1988 on, he is working for the company, the first 6 years he was working in the tool design department of the Hoesch Federnwerk (spring production for automotive industry). In 1994 he starts working for the hot extrusion, where he wrote also his diploma thesis in 1988. From that time on, he was responsible for the design department, the tool manufacturing and some special functions. During the whole time in hot extrusion, the customer support was and is serious part of this activity.