Veronica Muffatti

Business Development for Architectural Applications, Siderval

Veronica Muffatti is responsible of the development of architectural applications in Siderval, leader in the production of hot extruded special steel and titanium profiles.

After a period in Architectural-Engineering design studio, she started working in the steel industry at Siderval S.p.A.

Veronica graduated in Building Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 2015 with a thesis on the innovations of facade systems. After that she did the Master’s Degree in Architectural Engineering always in Politecnico di Milano and she graduated on April 2017.
In the company Veronica is dealing mainly with the extruded profiles for buildings and curtain walls, following the design of some projects and also the commercial and marketing aspects.
As a young professional she is always interested in new developments and possibilities in the architectural field.