Zak World of Façades Middle East,

14th Mar 2016, The Oberoi, Dubai

About the Event

After the huge success of the 2015 Inaugural season, Zak World of Façades Middle East was back in Dubai for its second season, making it the biggest congregation of the façade market experts in the UAE. The third edition of the Zak World of Facades Middle East took place on the 14th March 2016 at The Oberoi Hotel in Dubai. The event had gathered 300+ attendees comprising some of the top architects, consultants, façade contractors, developers and representatives from the Dubai Municipality. The single day event had featured 30 speakers and panelists.

The event was convened by Alex Dantziguian from Technoform. The first session opening speech was delivered by Micha Pawelka from Priedemann who spoke about the need of having a specialist façade consultant on a project and the benefits of of having them. This was followed by the morning keynote delivered by Janus Rostock from Atkins who spoke about designing façades keeping pedestrian comfort in mind and the case study of the Dubai Opera House district. Monish Aidasani from Jotun then presented on the era and evolution of powder coatings in the Middle East and the session end with a networking break.

The second session featured a presentation by Lucio Blandini from Werner Sobek on minimalistic façade design and futuristic façade concepts. This was followed by a presentation by Karim Maalouli of Emirates Glass speaking on the limitations and challenges in glass processing in the Middle East. The special keynote for the day was delivered by Raj Patel from KEO who spoke on the case studies of few of the region’s largest projects namely the Kuwait Investment Authority Building, Qatar Petroleum District and the Paramount Towers. The session ended with a panel discussion on fire safety in façades which discussed the proposed new fire code by the Dubai Civil Defense which raked up a lot of interesting questions from the audience which were taken keenly by the panelists.

The third session post lunch kicked off with a presentation by Abdulmajid Karanouh from Ramboll speaking on context inspired design innovation with case studies of the North Souks project in Beirut by Zaha Hadid and thier other key projects in the region. This was followed by an exclusive session on façade acoustics which first feature a presentation by Bernhard Koll from Kuraray who spoke about acoustic sound dampening through PVB interlayers and then a presentation by Mike Carrick from Siderise on acoustic inserts for cavity barriers and mullions. This session ended with a panel discussion on acoustics in façade focusing on the new Dubai Municipality regulation on acoustics by members of the Middle East Acoustic Society (MEAS) and the session end with another networking break.

The final session for the day started by a presentation on coating warranties and standards by Yannis Angelis from Elval Colour followed by a presentation on innovative fixing systems by Paul Tsalokhin from Hilti and the conference ended by a very interesting and engaging panel discussion on understanding façade process management with expert views from a façade consultant, architect and façade contractor.

The third edition of the Zak World of Facades Middle East in Dubai was stupendous success and was highly appreciated for its content, key decision makers who attended the event, ambience, networking break-out sessions and more importantly imparting the knowledge about the latest innovations in façades and upcoming fire safety codes in the UAE.

Speakers and Panelists

Conference Agenda

18th Edition - Zak World of Façades Middle East, 14th Mar 2016, The Oberoi, Dubai

Session - 1(09.30 - 10.35)


Delegate Registration


Welcome Address

Syed Zakir Ahmed, Chairman, Zak Group.


Facade Consultancy – If you use it, use it complete

  • Detailed design guidance vs design-and-build approach
  • Limit to sufficient crowd: Too many cooks spoil the broth
  • Don’t interrupt – let the guidance continue
Micha Pawelka, Managing Director, Priedemann Middle East.


A new paradigm in building & façade design

  • Façades designed with the pedestrian experience in mind
  • Case study of the Dubai Opera
Janus Rostock, Regional Design Director, Atkins Middle East.


The evolution of aluminium finishes - Growth of powder coatings

  • Aluminium finishing industry
  • Technologies available for aluminium finishes
  • Advancement in powder coating technology
Monesh Aidasani, Regional Specifications Manager - MEIA, Jotun Powder Coatings.


Networking & Tea / Coffee Break

Session - 2(11.00 - 13.00)


Iconic, transparent, sustainable - Challenges for contemporary Facade engineering

  • Engineering iconic complex skins in the digital era
  • Transparent and sustainable?
  • Innovative custom solutions pay off
Dr Lucio Blandini, Principal & Director - Facade Technologies, Werner Sobek.


Regional glass manufacturing limitations

  • Discussion on real capacities locally and the idea of reducing carbon footprint
  • Float line sizes/tints/thicknesses availability, coating capacity and coating variety done regionally
  • Limitations in heat treatment, creramic fritting, lamination & double glazing
Karim Maalouli, Marketing Manager, Emirates Glass.


Facade Explorations

  • Islamic architectural patterns in Facade design
  • Facades with the third dimensionality of depth
  • Case study on the Kuwait Investment Authority HQ, Qatar University Administration Building & Qatar Petroleum District
Raj Patel, Managing Director, Design Principal, KEO International Consultants.


Guidance on Facades & fire

  • Current problems and possible solutions
  • Cladding - right choice of material, tests & standards
  • Perimeter firestopping - Preventing the spread of smoke from floor to floor
  • Fire resistance' vs 'Reaction to fire' - Clarification of 'Fire rated' terminology
  • Fire safety review and audits


Andy Dean Head, Facade Engineering, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff


Floris Smith, Design Director, DSA Architects Pramod Challa, Chief of Engineering, Dubai Civil Defence Benjamin Beer, Technical Director, Meinhardt Facade Technology John Noone, Associate Director - Fire Engineering, Arup Yavnish Adlakha, Regional Product Manager – BU Chemicals, Hilti Middle East


Lunch Break

Session - 3(13.50 - 15.40)


Context Inspired Design Innovation

  • Increasing demands for high-performance innovative solutions in the AEC industry
  • Context inspired innovation through multi-disciplinary collaboration
  • Ramboll Design Innovation group’s philosophy and case studies
Abdulmajid Karanouh, Director & Head of Facades, Ramboll Middle East. Ethan Kerber, Senior Innovation Designer, Ramboll Middle East.


Consideration of façade acoustics - How to improve performance and quality by design

  • Acoustic terminology & sound transmission paths
  • Acoustic terminology & sound transmission paths
  • Performance limiting factors & acoustic enhancing products
Mike Carrick, Technical Officer - Construction Acoustics, Siderise Group.


Acoustic PVB interlayer for sound damping glazing

  • Principles of acoustic damping in glass
  • Different acoustic PVB interlayers and their benefits
  • Examples of building application with laminated acoustic glazing and their advantages over regular glazing types
Dr Bernhard Koll, Technical Marketing Manager, Kuraray Europe.


Acoustics in Facades

  • The current acoustic regulations of Estidama & Dubai Green Building Council
  • Acoustical control requirement for various building types
  • Understanding the role of building envelopes to meet the acoustic regulations
  • Implementation of acoustics & the role of an acoustic consultant
  • Sound transmission classes & acoustical testing


Alex Dantziguian, Managing Director, Technoform Middle East


Ewa Juszczyk, Associate Director, Benoy Paul Schwarz, Partner & Principal Acoustic Engineer, Design Confidence Representation, from Dubai Muncipality Firoz Kachwala, Director, Future Architectural Glass Andreas Lejholm, Associate Director – Acoustics, Ramboll Middle East


Networking & Tea / Coffee Break

Session - 4(16.00 - 17.45)


Paint developments for building envelopes & Facades

  • Importance of proper passivation in aluminium substrate
  • Paint specifications per warranty period
  • Functional coatings
Yannis Angelis, General Manager, Elval Colour.


Innovative solutions for fastening façades

  • Corner solution for Cast in channel
  • Non cleaning chemical anchor for post installed and cast in remedial
  • New mechanical anchor for thin slab
Paul Tsalolikhin, Global Marketing Director - Façades, Hilti. Nabeel Zabad, Regional Business Developer - Façades, Hilti Middle East .


Understanding Facade Process Management - FPM

  • Facade deliveries, understanding and mitigating risk
  • The need for FPM
  • Implementation - Players involved and their roles
  • Possible pitfalls and their avoidance
  • Effect on the bottom line


Nitin Bhatia, Managing Director, FACET


Thomas Fruhmann, Senior Facade Specialist, Dar Al Handasah Bashar Kayali, General Manager, Al Ghurair Construction Aluminium Sharif Rahmani, Architectural Director - Special Projects, Arif & Bintoak Paul Grove, Regional Director, Meinhardt Facade Technology David Lessard, Director – Architecture, Perkins + Wills Middle East


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