2nd May 2019, Hilton Deansgate, Manchester

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Zak World of Façades is an International conference series on the subject of façade design & engineering. The conference now takes place in Asia (Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Hong Kong), Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait), Africa (Kenya, Morocco and South Africa), Europe (United Kingdom and France), Australasia (Australia and New Zealand) and the United States of America.

Now in it’s 61st global edition and the 3rd edition in UK, the conference will discuss the latest innovations and challenges in the construction industry pertaining to the building envelope and will showcase the latest technological solutions.

Visit www.facades.uk.com for details of the previous events.

Speakers and Panelists

Conference Agenda

61st Edition - Zak World of Façades United Kingdom, 2nd May 2019, Hilton Deansgate, Manchester

Session - 1(09.30 - 10.35)

08.00 - 08.50

Delegate Registration

Event Convenor

Jeff Upton, Architectural Project Manager, Schüco International

08.50 - 08.55

Welcome Address


08.55 - 09.20

Research, Education and Healthcare Architecture Future Skins

  • Transparency and opacity
  • Unitisation and pre fabrication
  • Elegance and practicality
Ged Couser, Principal, BDP

09.20 - 09.45

‘Powered by Paradox’: The Divergent Forces Driving Innovative Façade Solutions in the Manchester Market

  • Reconciling cost sensitivity and architectural ambition
  • Accommodating construction speed & logistics with safety & performance
  • Unlocking creativity & value with a rationalised set of local & global components
Mark Pniewski, Building Specialists Divisional Director, Ramboll

09.45 - 10.05

Choose your Glass with: GLASSPRO: Physico-Realistic Rendering

  • Architecture, BIM and rendering
  • Glass façade computer generated images
  • Designing with GlassPro app and GlassPro live
Ariane Schumacher, R&D Head of Building Sciences, Saint-Gobain Glass Europe

10.05 - 10.25

Designing with the Mind in Mind

  • Research in spatial neuroscience
  • Neurodesign applied to the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour
  • Musical space - The Royal Academy of Music’s new theatre and recital hall
Ian Ritchie, Director, Ian Ritchie Architects

10.25 - 10.32

Safe, Slim and Sustainable: CALOSTAT® - the A2-s1, d0 High-Performance Insulation Material

  • Slim insulation for thinner walls and more space
  • Excellent passive fire protection in the insulation for new buildings and retrofit
  • New systems for rain-screen-façades and façade elements
Dr. Bettina-Gerharz-Kalte, Vice President Thermal Insulation, Evonik Resource Efficiency

10.32 - 10.55


Session - 2(11.00 - 13.00)

10.55 - 11.15

A Tall Order – The Challenges of High-Rise Residential Façades

  • Appropriate forms of construction
  • Thermal, fire and acoustic performance
  • Integrating natural ventilation and balconies
Damian Rogan, Director, Eckersley O’Callaghan

11.15 - 11.35

Vertical Residential Towers Integrating High Performance Unitised Façade Design

  • Realising highly bespoke designs by maximising the use of off-site production of façade elements
  • Performance criteria such as air/water tightness, ventilation and durability
  • Architectural detailing, integrating design features and different materials such as brick fascia, ceramic, etc
  • Build-ability and slick on-site installation
Stephen Tanno, Director - Pre Construction, Schüco International Stefan Trifonov, Senior Façade Engineering Expert, Schüco International

11.35 - 12.05

“North-South” – Comparative challenges of designing tall buildings in Manchester and London

  • Ambition and process
  • Design and context
  • Detail and technical challenges
Ian Simpson, Founding Partner, SimpsonHaugh Architects

12.05 - 12.50

PANEL DISCUSSION: Digital Innovations in Façade Construction for Modern Architecture

  • Influence of technological advancements on façade construction: How is the horizon changing?
  • State-of-the-art trends in contemporary façade designs & aesthetics for North England projects
  • Culminating complexity of design with safety and sustainability features of the façade
  • Realising complex façade designs through BIM: Benefits and challenges


Neil Kendrick, Senior Façade Engineer - Europe, LendLease


Rachel Witcherley, Associate Director - Project & Design Management, BuroHappold Colman Billings, Managing Director, Billings Design Associates Darren Kent, Associate Director - Façades, Arup Simon Doody, Partner, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios Marcel Ridyard, Senior Associate, AFL Architects Roland Reinardy, Director, HawkinsBrown

12.50 - 13.40

Networking Lunch Break

Session - 3(13.50 - 15.40)


Session Chair

Sandeep Kashyap, Sales Director - Europe and Middle East, Halio International

13.40 - 14.00

Well Being in Architecture – A Biophilic Approach in the Design of Façades

  • The use of complex modelling to develop biophilic patterns in architecture
  • Using the WELL standard to influence the fabric of a building
  • Collaborating with the supply chain to Integrate natural materials in the façade of a building
Robert Hopkins, Regional Director, AHR

14.00 - 14.20

Cost of the Façade in Today's Market

  • Factors that make up the costs of the façade
  • Risk in the costs and field of expertise in the industry
  • Tender comparison study
Will MacDonald, Head of Façades - EMIA, AECOM

14.20 - 14.40

Addressing Overheating in Buildings

  • Why are things heating up inside our buildings and what are the consequences?
  • What tools should we be using to measure the risk of overheating?
  • How can good design keep temperatures down?
Kate Dougherty, Associate, WSP

14.40 - 15.00

Evolution of Powder Coatings

  • The rise of superdurable finishes; Stone, GRC, Anodising, Coreten and Copper effects
  • Best practice for specifying special effect finishes
  • Case studies in Manchester and beyond
Naveen Sandhu, Specification Manager - UK & Ireland, AkzoNobel

15.00 - 15.20

High performance structural sealant glazing

  • Benefits of structural bonding in façades
  • Specialist structural glazing applications
  • How to ensure the long term performance of your project
Jeff Richards, Market Field Manager, Sika UK

15.20 - 15.40

Halio, More Than a Glass… A Smart-Tinting System, With 3 Pillars for a Successful Integration

  • Dynamic glazing to provide solar management and comfort
  • Control strategy to deliver promised performances
  • System architecture to make it flexible and widely accessible
Tanguy Timmermans, Façade & Building Performance Specialist, Halio International

Session - 4(16.00 - 17.45)

13.40 - 14.00

Screen Continuity

  • Exploring a façades collective skin
  • Additive and subtractive façades
  • Façades collective sustainability
Neal Allen-Burt, Partner, Sheppard Robson Alex Smith, Associate Partner, Sheppard Robson

14.00 - 14.20

Digital Tools for Successful Façade Design

  • Evaluating design solutions
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Progress tracking and monitoring
Sandra Scolastra, Associate - Façades, Arup

14.20 - 14.40

Tall Building Façade Fire Incident Database for a Machine Learning Environment

  • Formulating database structure
  • Identification of relevant incidents
  • Interrogating database and application to machine learning
Michael Spearpoint​, Research Leader, OFR Consultants

14.40 - 15.00

Façade Design for Future Building Envelopes

  • How new demands for low energy buildings require innovative façade solutions
  • What are the future solutions for today’s architectural demands and the ever evolving performance requirements
  • Developing safety prerequisites to buildings and how they can be achieved in an energy efficient way
Thomas Henriksen, Technical Director, Kingspan Façades

15.00 - 15.20

A Global Perspective on Routes to Compliance, Product and System Testing

  • A review of the fundamental requirements from first principals
  • Highlight the critical interface between the floor slab and the façade system
  • Development of best practice to control external and internal vertical fire spread
Sreenivas Narayanan, General Manager ‑ UAE, India & Oceania, Siderise Group

15.20 - 15.40

Fire Safety in Façades – A2 Class Fire Rated Weatherproofing Membranes

  • Where does technology stands today when it comes to combining façade weatherproofing and fire protection?
  • Consulting - The key element for modern façade industry
  • Partnership - The art of business relationship
Pedro Carvalho, Strategy & Business Development Director, Effisus

15.40 - 16.00

Networking Tea/Coffee Break

Session - 5(18.00 - 19.45)

16.00 - 16.20

Façade System Selection Drivers for High Rise Buildings

  • Selection drivers – what matters?
  • Unitised curtain walling – why and when?
  • Precast construction – why and when?
  • Worked project example comparison & analysis
Duncan Richards, Director, FMDC

16.20 - 16.40

ETFE Air Filled Pillows – A Lightweight Cost Effective Alternative to Glass

  • Less structure – More sky with pillows over 100m long
  • Illuminate and inform - Using pillows as a canvas
  • Durability, longevity and safety
Mathias Noatzsch, Technical Manager, Novum Membranes

16.40 - 17.25

PANEL DISCUSSION: Understanding Façade Process Management - FPM

  • Façade deliveries, understanding and mitigating risk
  • The need for FPM
  • Implementation - Players involved and their roles
  • Possible pitfalls and their avoidance
  • Effect on the bottom line


Stephen Tanno, Director - Pre Construction, Schüco International


John Williams, Principal Façade Manager & Façade Engineer, Renaker Build Laura Kidd, Head of Architecture, HS2

17.25 - 17.30

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