16th Nov 2017, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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Zak World of Façades is an International conference series on the subject of façade design & engineering. The conference now takes place in South Asia (India & Sri Lanka), South East Asia (Singapore & Indonesia), Greater China (Hong Kong), Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait), Africa (Kenya) and the United Kingdom.

Now in it’s 37th edition globally and the 2nd edition in Singapore, the conference has become a specialised forum to discuss the latest innovations and challenges in the construction industry pertaining to the building envelope and showcases the latest technological solutions.

Speakers and Panelists

Conference Agenda

36th Edition - Zak World of Façades South East Asia, 16th Nov 2017, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Session - 1(09.30 - 10.35)

08.00 - 08.50

Delegate Registration

Event Convenor

Stephen Tanno, Director - Pre Construction, Schüco International

08.50 - 08.55

Welcome Address


08.55 - 09.20

Digital revolution aiding futuristic façade construction

  • Trends today
  • Resulting demands tomorrow
  • Façade industry 4.0
Lars Anders, Group Managing Director, Priedemann

09.20 - 09.40

Tensile fabric façade - Architectural functions and benefits

  • Thermal comfort & solar protection
  • Visual comfort & glare control
  • Dynamic façades with day/night effect
Nitin Govila, Director - APAC & MEA, Serge Ferrari

09.40 - 10.00

5 tips to value engineering façade packages

  • Most common reasons for budget overruns
  • Practical tips from experienced façade consultants
  • Examples of cost efficient but high performing solutions
  • Watchlist for your next project
Agnes Koltay, Director, Koltay Façades April Soh, Façade Consultant / Director - Singapore, Koltay Façades

10.00 - 10.25

Designing for maintainability of building façades – Digital BMS

  • Relationship between design, maintenance and cost and explain the benefits of considering maintainability aspects earliest in the design life of the building
  • Current methods of designing and procuring the maintenance strategy and its disadvantage
  • Presenting the proposed digital BMS strategy
  • Future of going digital
Michael Chin, Principal - Façade Engineering Leader, Arup

10.25 - 10.45


Session - 2(11.00 - 13.00)

10.45 - 11.10

How are innovations in structural glass shaping new approaches for envelope design?

  • The latest landmark projects in structural glass
  • The challenge that extensive use of glass poses for façade engineering
  • Emerging innovations and their potential applications
Damian Rogan, Director, Eckersley O’Callaghan

11.10 - 11.30

Sustainable façades for tropical regions

  • Functional optimization of building skins
  • Architectural integration of components
  • Holistic approach
Dr. Winfried Heusler, Senior Vice President - Global Building Excellence, Schüco International

11.30 - 12.00

Design driven innovation

  • Focussing on unique designs where façade and structure are fully integrated and the innovations that they brought to the construction industry
  • Delivery of higher performance buildings that requires a close collaboration between different professionals and a continuous research which spans across several projects and worldwide locations
  • How complexity can be simplified and engineered to be able to maintain the design intent while working closely with the industry to find solutions for deliver and what are the anticipated innovations which can deliver a breakthrough in the field of digital and robotic construction
Michele Pasca di Magliano, Associate Director, Zaha Hadid Architects

12.00 - 12.45

PANEL DISCUSSION: Innovations in façade construction for modern architecture

  • Digital influence on façade construction: How is the horizon changing?
  • State-of-the-art trends in contemporary façade designs & aesthetics for Asian projects
  • Culminating complexity of design with safety and sustainability features of the façade
  • Latest materials on the block being used for contemporary façade designs coupled with enhanced safety features


Jason Pomeroy, Founding Principal, Pomeroy Studio


Owen Wee, Vice President (Architectural), Surbana Jurong Cheong Yew Kee, Senior Vice President, CPG Consultants Jing Sung, Executive Director, ID Architects Yuichi Takemasa, General Manager, Kajima Technical Reserach Institute Dr. Gao Chun Ping, Director - Green Building Research Department, Building and Construction Authority Stephen Jones, Director, Woods Bagot

12.45 - 13.40

Networking Lunch Break

Session - 3(13.50 - 15.40)

13.40 - 14.00

Fire performance of façades

  • Review of selected fire events of recent years
  • Fire performance and testing of cladding materials
  • Review of regional regulations on fire performance of façades
  • Detailing of curtain walls fire-stops
Mathieu Meur, Director - Technical, DP Architects

14.00 - 14.20

The contribution of the material manufcaturer in façade quality and fire safety

  • Production capability & façade quality
  • Attributes of façade & fire safety
  • The façade supply chain
Yannis Angelis, General Manager, Elval Colour

14.20 - 14.40

Firestopping for façade – Saving lives and assets

  • Overview of codes referring to US and EU testing standard for the curtain wall perimeter joint system
  • Details we need to pay attention to when we design and construct these perimeter joint systems and how do we make sure this will work for the design life
  • Most common misunderstandings when applying these tested systems in Asia
Sam Keung, Regional Manager - BU Fire Protection, Hilti

14.40 - 15.00

Ceramic façades – Cladding for the future

  • Self washing functional façade with endless design possibilities
  • Sustainable & environmentally compatible
  • Flexible and rapid installation leading to increased productivity
Gerhard Plank, Team Leader Technique Façade, Agrob Buchtal

15.00 - 15.20

Structural and acoustic performance interlayers for façade and window safety glass

  • Newly adopted laminated safety glass elements incorporating structural PVB and Ionoplast interlayers yielding in outstanding glazing design features for complex façade constructions with larger spans
  • Besides decorative and UV control function, acoustic comfort is possible by choosing specific acoustic damping PVB interlayers close to noise zones in global high urban density areas
  • Open edge applications is the new trend but there is a high risk of delamination. The right interlayer choice can reduce the risk
Christoph Troska, Manager - Global Architecture Segment, Trosifol® World of Interlayers

15.20 - 15.40

Delivering sustainable coating solutions

  • Innovations in high-performance green coatings
  • Science behind sustainable coatings
  • Green coatings in action
Jay Register, Group Project Leader - North American Coil Coatings, The Valspar Corporation

15.40 - 16.00

Networking Tea / Coffee Break

Session - 4(16.00 - 17.45)

16.00 - 16.20

Enhancing health and well-being through façade design

  • Understanding the influence of façade for interior and exterior environment
  • Identify environmental key factors in relationship to façade which will affect health and well-being
  • Focus on critical aspects of façade features and environmental factors that would enhance human’s health and well-being
Naree Phinyawatana, Director, Atelier Ten

16.20 - 16.40

Coatings innovation in façade design

  • Color trends & track records
  • Innovative technologies
  • Digital frontier in color design
Jean-Paul Moonen, Global Segment Manager - Architectural, Akzonobel

16.40 - 17.25

PANEL DISCUSSION: Digital Questions to the Panelists

  • Step 1: Open your browser and visit www.slido.com
  • Step 2: Enter 4115 in the event code box
  • Step 3: Type your questions in the box and click send


Stephen Tanno, Director - Pre Construction, Schüco International


Deker Arthur Bruce, Regional Director - Malaysia, Meinhardt Façade Technology Michele Pasca di Magliano, Associate Director, Zaha Hadid Architects Peter Stockbruegger, Technical Director, Schueco Singapore Damian Rogan, Director, Eckersley O’Callaghan

17.25 - 17.30

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