28th Jun 2018, Novotel Tour Eiffel, Paris

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Zak World of Façades is an International conference series on the subject of façade design & engineering. The conference now takes place in Asia (Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Hong Kong), Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait), Africa (Kenya, Morocco and South Africa), Europe (United Kingdom and France) and Australasia (Australia and New Zealand) and the United States of America.

Now in its 44th edition globally and the 1st edition in France, the conference will discuss the latest innovations and challenges in the construction industry pertaining to the building envelope and will showcase the latest technological solutions.

Visit www.facades.paris for details of the previous events.

Speakers and Panelists

Conference Agenda

44th Edition - Zak World of Façades France, 28th Jun 2018, Novotel Tour Eiffel, Paris

Session - 1(09.30 - 10.35)

08.00 - 08.50

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Event Convenor

08.50 - 08.55

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08.55 - 09.00

Overview of the French Construction Market

Jacques Llados, Managing Director, Schüco

09.00 - 09.25

Being a façade engineer today

  • It is a fascinating time to be working as a façade engineer as the profession finds itself playing an increasingly important role in the design team, largely due to the increased interest in the façade as an environmental filter
  • However aside from these environmental issues the discipline touches many other aspects of building physics as well as requiring a knowledge of material science and the constantly evolving methods of analyses and fabrication. A rich range of subjects to be mastered
  • In this dynamic situation, perhaps, it would be worthwhile to ask the question of how we as a profession should be structured, in order to allow us to evolve and reply to the challenges we face
Tom Gray, Founding Partner, T/E/S/S

09.25 - 09.45

Façades for buildings of the 21st century

  • High rises & air infiltration
  • Climate control
  • Occupants' comfort
François Roux, Partner, Atelier 2/3/4

09.45 - 10.05

“La casa del desierto” – A glass house in the desert!

  • In the desert? – Shouldn’t we build a cave?
  • This is going to get hot!
  • Let’s take the challenge!
Max Radt, Regional Commercial Manager, Guardian Europe

10.05 - 10.25

Designing façades in a rapidly urbanising world

  • Renovate/reuse: Adding value to existing structures
  • Expanding global cities: A context for the new urban centres
Raphaëlle Le Norcy, Associate Principal, Kohn Pedersen Fox Charles Gibault, Associate Principal, Kohn Pedersen Fox

10.25 - 10.45


Session - 2(11.00 - 13.00)

10.45 - 11.10

Shaping the architectural ambition

  • The conception process
  • The manual drawing, a conception tool
  • Case study - from concept to realisation
Antoine Maufay, Design Director, Arcora

11.10 - 11.35

The challenges of designing façades in the context of environmentally responsible buildings

  • The architectural challenge
  • Performances at the service of the energy transition
  • Digital transition: A chance for an "augmented" building
Hamid Batoul, Technical Director, Schüco

11.35 - 12.05

Façade typologies of two projects of contextual tours in Paris and Marseille

  • The Marseille tower on how to develop a chromatic range to blend into the landscape
  • Duo towers on how the façades reflect the complexity of an urban environment
  • Why are the towers not condemned to be generic objects?
Didier Brault, Studio Director, Ateliers Jean Nouvel

12.05 - 12.50

PANEL DISCUSSION: Innovations in façade construction for modern architecture

  • Digital Influence on façade construction: How is the horizon changing?
  • Streamlining complex façade designs through BIM: Benefits and challenges
  • State-of-the-art trends in contemporary façade designs & aesthetics for French projects
  • Culminating complexity of design with safety and sustainability features of the façade
  • Latest materials on the block being used for contemporary façade designs coupled with enhanced safety features


Cedric Puyou, Façades Product Manager, Schüco


Christian Béaur, Consultant, REIM Consulting Vincent Campan, Director Building Envelope Service, BATEG (Vinci Construction) Patrice Joseph, Managing Director, Joseph Inginierie Michel Rémon, Principal, Michel Rémon & Associates Alexandre Duverger, Environmental Design Engineer, Artelia Batiments Durables Alain Guisnel, Quality Director Sustainable Development, Icade

12.50 - 13.40

Networking Lunch Break

Session - 3(13.50 - 15.40)

Session Chair

Cédric PUYOU, Façades Product Manager, Schüco

13.40 - 14.00

How to build with the power of a site, using what is already there, of what precedes, of what is not somewhere else

  • Saint Mitre: Build in the slope
  • The Camp: Live with the natural elements
Corinne Vezzoni, Founder & Lead Architect, Corinne Vezzoni & Associates

14.00 - 14.20

Transparency: Mastering the curve

  • Approaches to curving glass
  • The challenge of sun-stopping
  • Squaring the cost
Mitsu Edwards, Associate Director, Eckersley O'Callaghan

14.20 - 14.30

Project to Product

  • The UFO
  • The UBLO
  • The cheapest glass curtain-wall in the world
Robert-Jan van Santen, Partner, VS-A

14.40 - 15.00

Quality lies in the details: The ACP case

  • Characteristics of Aluminium
  • Core composition and fire classification
  • Coating systems
Xavier Tourtchine, Director General, Elval Colour Ibérica

15.00 - 15.20

Ventilated façade - Freedom and fire resilience for design

  • Presentation of the solution
  • Compliance with fire safety issues
  • Thermal and aesthetic benefits
Céline Florence, Development Project Manager Cladding, Rockwool Group

15.20 - 15.50

PANEL DISCUSSION: Fire safety in façades

  • Cladding - choosing the right material
  • Fire retardant material or fire rated material?
  • Full system fire tests and certification process
  • Fire codes in France: Way forward


Sylvain Desanghere, Head of the Ventilation and Fire Department, Lombardi


Eric Guillaume, General Manager, Efectis France Stéphane Hameury, Deputy Director - Safety, Structures and Fire, CSTB Bruce Le Madec, Development Project Manager - Fire Safety, Rockwool Group Yann Parigot, Head of Façades, Bouygues Batiment International

13.40 - 15.50

Networking Lunch Break

Session - 4(16.00 - 17.45)

Session Chair

Björn Sandén, Market Development Manager, Kuraray/Trosifol

13.40 - 14.00

From organic façades to living façades

  • Geometric strategies of "organic" façades of the City of Wine and prehistory museum in Jeongok
  • Active facades and animated, luminous, moving, cultivable shade canopies
  • "Biofaçades", to cultivate microalgae in biotechnology in symbiotic association with the building
Anouk Legendre, Partner, XTU Architects

14.00 - 14.20

Double curvature in the world of façades

  • Manufacturing processes: Materials (sub-topic on glass) and prefabrication
  • Modeling techniques and validation
  • Influence from newer technologies (digital fabrication, software, adaptive molds etc.) and potentials for the future
Klaas de Rycke, Managing Partner, Bollinger + Grohmann Ingenieure

14.20 - 14.40

Climate responsive façades

  • Innovative façades concepts for daylight, controlled solar gains and natural ventilation
  • Integrating façade and indoor climate concepts for energy efficient buildings
  • First hand experience from international projects
Stefan Holst, Partner & CEO, Transsolar

14.40 - 15.00

Bioclimatic façade, source of inspiration and usage benefits

  • Architectural expression
  • Variety of applications
  • Thermal and visual comfort: Experience feedback
Laurent Tournié, Façade Development Sales Manager, Serge Ferrari France

15.00 - 15.20

Powder coating technologies supporting façade design

  • Global specification standards
  • Trends and new technologies
  • Digital support tool for specifiers
Aurélie Godan, Architecture Segment Manager Europe, Akzonobel Nadia Rouquette, Specification Manager France, Akzonobel

15.20 - 15.50

PANEL DISCUSSION: Façade ventilation: Reducing mechanical ventilation through smarter building envelopes

  • Low air infiltration rates, with controlled ventilation for fresh air
  • Combating weather through envelope insulation and balance natural ventilation
  • Assessing the sustainability of such structures vis-à-vis building guidelines
  • Evaluation of mixed mode ventilation and cooling strategy
  • Consideration of acoustics in relation to ventilation


Steffi Neubert, Director, Emmer Pfenninger Partner


Francois Suchard, Agency Director, RFR Frédéric Morel, Partner, Jean-Paul Viguier Hamid Batoul, Directeur Technique, Schüco International SCS

15.50 - 16.10

Networking Tea/Coffee Break

Session - 5(18.00 - 19.45)

16.10 - 16.30

Using smart-glass is as exciting as using glass smartly to work, live in healthy, sustainable and connected buildings… Discover how glass changes the building industry!

  • Fighting the myths: Glass is not the weak point in buildings, but a contributor to healthy and energy-efficient performant living and working spaces
  • Reducing the environmental impact of buildings and improving the interior environment of building is at the same time benefiting human health, happiness and well-being. Thanks to today’s hi-tech glass solutions that go beyond energy savings
  • Enabling the façade to become dynamic and connected will allow for the building to become truly smart, understanding and answering the changes occurring all around the year and the users to benefit from the optimum conditions nature has to offer
Benoît Domercq, General Manager - Europe & Middle East, Halio International

16.30 - 17.00

Double skin façades

  • The concept
  • Architectural and industry benefits
  • Case studies on executed projects
Jacques Ferrier, Director, Jacques Ferrier Architecture

17.07 - 17.52

PANEL DISCUSSION: Understanding Façade Process Management - FPM

  • Façade deliveries, understanding and mitigating risk
  • The need for FPM
  • Implementation - Players involved and their roles
  • Possible pitfalls and their avoidance
  • Effect on the bottom line


François Gillardeau, Deputy Managing Director, Schüco


Pierre-Arnaud Voutay, Director, Elioth Michel Cossavella, Director - Envelope & Insulation Department, CSTB Tom Darmon, Co-Managing Partner, Antonini Darmon Franck Percet, Director of Facades-Envelope Service, PETIT (Vinci Construction) Laurent Garrigues, CEO, Groupe Garrigues

17.52 - 18.00

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