Rahul Kumar

Director, Rajendra Kumar Associates

Rahul Kumar has taken forward the rich legacy of Mr. Rajinder Kumar & together they have contributed more to the development of the Indian Tourism Industry than any other firm, by designing the largest number of hotels in the country. RKA has designed hotels across the country, and abroad, in every category, from Budget hotels to 7-Star Luxury Hotels, for virtually every major Hotel developer in the country, for practically every major Indian and International Brand that exists.
RKA (Rajinder Kumar Associates) is regarded as one of the leading architecture, planning, landscape & interior design firms in India, and is considered as one of the most preferred breeding grounds for young architects across the nation, year after year. RKA is hugely celebrated for the work it has accomplished over the last four decades, in numerous other spheres, which include the IT industry, green buildings, master planning of mixed-use complexes, campus architecture, office parks, shopping malls, corporate design projects, housing  & healthcare.