Ravindra Kumar

Director - Design, Venkataramanan Associates

Ravindra Kumar is the principal architect and one of the founders for the research charade architecture studio at “PRAGRUP”. He has studied architecture at the Bangalore University, Urban Design studies on vernacular architecture, Ahmedabad, Bachelor of Arts SRKVS at Mysore University and Technology Research Studies Structural glazing technologies, PREMISSA, Sydney, Australia. He is also the Director of the design studio, Venkataraman Associates (VA), which has offices in 3 major cities in India.

He has keen interest in primary and secondary education and is one of the Presidents at T.B.S. foundation, a school for 400 rural children. He has done extensive documentation on vernacular India for various work groups including Madras craft foundation and INTACH.

Ravee has lectured around India and overseas sharing an experience on his ideation of Architecture and Urbanism and has been a visiting faculty member at various Departments of Architecture worldwide.