Chris Cummings

Technical Director - Environmental and Sustainability, ChapmanBDSP

Chris is Technical Director at multi-disciplinary building services consultancy ChapmanBDSP, where he is responsible for all aspects of Environmental and Sustainability delivery in the UK and internationally. Chris has a passion for design, problem solving and helping others to flourish. With a proven track record of delivery, innovation and growth across more than 20 years in the construction industry he is passionate about Sustainability and Wellbeing in the built environment and believes in promoting design that places people first, whilst minimising our impact on the natural world. Specialised in Building Physics and early concept design he has delivered projects addressing all aspects of sustainability, energy and environmental impact across the UK, Europe and the Middle East, with a particular focus on Masterplanning and High-Rise development. He is also a trained professional coach and an experienced leader, mentor and manager of people and projects.