Hans Jansen

Lead Concept Designer - Cladding, Scheldebouw

Hans studied at the University of technology in Delft with a masters in Building Technology. His masters thesis was: ” Prefabrication of complex geometry facades”. Since 2004 he works for Scheldebouw, a Permasteelisa company. He worked as a designer, project design manager and system designer for 8 years. After that he started as Lead Concept Designer at Scheldebouw. The Lead Concept Designer starts on a project in a very early stage and is responsible for the design direction until a successful mock-up. In this role he has been working on several projects in London, such as Shard Place with RPBW and IQL S9 at Stratford woith RSHP. Now recently he has been working on the new headquarters for Booking.com in Amsterdam with UN studios.