120th Edition – Zak World of Façades Canada

This will be the 120th global edition, 2nd edition in Canada and the 1st edition in Vancouver which will showcase sustainable innovations and challenges in the construction industry pertaining to the building envelope and will also display latest technological solutions.

Speakers and Panelists
Senior Director | Technical and Commercial Relations, Chard Development
Heather Reid is a professional engineer with broad experience and perspectives. She has been in the construction industry for more than 20 years and has sat in various seats at the table: owner’s representative, consultant, contractor, educator, and industry organization...
Senior Director - Central US & Canada, HALIO
Jason Isackson is the Senior Director of Sales at HALIO, and has over 10 years of experience in the smart building technology space. He’s passionate about sustainability/energy savings, innovative technologies, and providing wellness to occupants. Jason works closely with architects,...
Architect & Passive House Designer, Arcadis IBI Group
Padraig McMorrow is a sustainability-focused architect at Arcadis IBI, guiding projects to reach Net Zero Carbon and deliver significant greenhouse gas emission reductions, through innovative and cost-effective measures. He is a Certified Passive House Designer, consulting on Aracdis IBI Group’s...
Sr. Technical Advisor, Engineered Assemblies
Jeff Ker’s 30+ years of technical sales experience with the Ontario Architectural and Design community benefit each project he undertakes. His experience includes two years in the West-Coast market and eleven years in the Eastern-Canadian market; representing a variety of...
Principal & Regional Director (Canada West), RDH
Working across a wide spectrum of RDH’s core practice areas in his roles as a consultant, researcher, and educator, Lorne Ricketts is able to leverage his multifaceted expertise to identify optimal solutions to complex building science problems. His portfolio includes...
Principal, JRS Engineering
Joel Schwartz is a Principal and Senior Building Science Specialist at JRS Engineering, with 25 years of building science and building envelope consulting experience throughout Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest of the US. He is responsible for Canadian operations...
Project Director, Brivia Group
Rick Gregory is a senior executive with over 30 years experience in the planning and execution of large complex construction projects. Both private and public sector, his portfolio spans major civil, institutional, resort, hotel, office, retail and residential projects. Rick...
Principal, Merrick Architecture
Louise Webb joined Merrick Architecture as one of the project architects for the substantial team effort required for Vancouver’s Olympic Village. She brought with her a proven track record of working on fast track and high density housing projects both...
Principal, Merrick Architecture
Gregory Borowski’s architectural vision is steeped in his unusual life experience. Born in England, as a child his father took him around to see many significant architectural projects in Europe. An interest in the poetic potential of contemporary architecture has...
Partner, Kengo Kuma & Associates (live from Tokyo)
Balazs Bognar is an American architect and Partner at Kengo Kuma & Associates in Tokyo, Japan. He has been working directly with Kengo Kuma to lead the office’s North American projects since 2007, combining imagination and rigor with a personable...
Senior Designer, Diamond Schmitt
Anthony Brown is an English registered Architect with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He has been with Diamond Schmitt Architects for the last 5 years after immigrating around this same time to the West Coast of Canada....
Managing Principal, RJC
Leonard Pianalto’s experience as an engineering consultant spans over 25 years. He is technically minded, client-focused and results oriented. As a Managing Principal, Leonard oversees a diverse team of engineers and technologists to deliver a wide array of service offerings,...
Architectural Design Manager PNW, Guardian Glass
Geoff Shellard is the architectural design manager covering the Pacific Northwest: British Columbia, Alberta, Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Idaho. He works with glaziers, architects, developers and specification writers to gain project specifications. Geoff previously spent almost 8 years with glass...
Business Development Manager - Major Projects, Flynn Canada
Dan Geddes is the Business Development Manager for Major Pursuits for Flynn Canada. He has a wealth of knowledge in modular construction, building envelope design, architectural product selection, performance and detailing with over 25 years of experience. He is CPHT...
Principal, KPF
Zero Emission Buildings Leader, EllisDon
Christian Cianfrone is a mechanical engineer with over 15 years of experience in building energy efficiency. Christian built and led one of Canada’s largest energy consulting practices for nearly a decade, where he worked on hundreds of projects, including co-developing...
Senior Associate, Office of Mcfarlane Biggar Architects + Designers
Bryan Lemos Beça is a Senior Associate with Office of McFarlane Biggar Architects + Designers in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He is a licensed architect with a diverse range of project experience from complex renovation projects to large-scale urban design and...
Principal, Diamond Schmitt
Ana Maria Llanos leads the Vancouver studio of Diamond Schmitt and has over 20 years experience with the firm. Her work is focused on western Canada, including institutional, health care facilities, performing arts, residential, commercial, restoration and academic projects. A...
Managing Principal | Senior Building Science Specialist, RDH
Brian Hubb is a Founder, Principal, and Senior Building Science Specialist at RDH Building Science. With over 30 years of experience as a consultant practicing exclusively in the field of building science, he is a practical façade engineer and researcher....
Principal | Building Science Specialist, Evoke Buildings
Patrick is a building science specialist with over 19 years of consulting experience related to building science and energy efficiency. Patrick’s focus in recent years has been providing tools and guidance to the industry to help practitioners make informed design...
Associate, Entuitive
Timothy Wong brings more than 10 years of professional industry experience to his role across Canada, the United States, and abroad. Educated in architecture and engineering methodologies, his building envelope work focuses on material selection, system analysis and testing, environmental...
Project Engineer, Reynaers Aluminium
Teodor Caragioiu is a Façade Specialist at Reynaers Aluminium in Duffel, Belgium, with over 16 years of successful experience in façade engineering and design for high-rise, high-performance projects. Graduated from the Technical University of Civil Engineering in Bucharest, Romania in...
Principal | Façade Specialist, Morrison Hershfield
Brett Pattrick is a façade specialist and project manager with over 16 years of experience specializing in building facades. Brett’s wide-ranging experience includes a variety of projects focusing on specialist glazing design, façade design and construction, with specific focus on...
Regional Façade Sales Manager, Cosentino
Dean has a 30-year history in the building materials and construction industry ranging from quality management to senior sales management focused on the building envelope. His approach is solution based and consultative. Dean provides practical knowledge to help with design...
Associate Principal, Front Inc
Evan Levelle currently heads Front’s London office, having worked with Front in New York and Hong Kong since 2007. His work has primarily focused on designing bespoke and complex cladding systems, developing and implementing strategies for global sourcing of materials...
National Architectural Team Manager, Vitro Architectural Glass
Chris Fronsoe is the National Architectural Team Manager for the Western USA and Western Canada at Vitro Architectural Glass for commercial projects in the Northwest Region. Chris has years of experience working with general contractors, glaziers, architects and glass fabricators....
Chairman of the Board, Boston Valley Terra Cotta
John Krouse, Chairman of the Board, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, Founder – Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop John Krouse is the COB of Boston Valley Terra Cotta in Orchard Park, NY, as well as a Ceramic Engineer by trade. Boston Valley...
Pre-Construction Director, Alutec
John Douglas is Group Pre-Construction Director at Alutec. Headquartered in Qatar, Alutec delivers projects across the world and has offices & facilities in Toronto, Vancouver, Switzerland, Ireland, India and Shanghai. Alutec is currently working on several towers across North America,...
Technical Director - Architectural Glass Division, CSG
Dr. Huang is currently the technical director of Architectural Glass Division of CSG which is the leading low-e glass manufacturer in China. With over sixteen years’ experience in energy efficient glass for buildings, Dr. Huang has worked on numerous landmark...
Conference Agenda
  • Introduction / Project background
  • Traditional assembly approach to compliance
  • Proposed flynn speedwall approach and design assist
  • How to design and implement an effective forensic investigation
  • Spot and counter red herrings and code quoting from other experts
  • Effectively defend and even strengthen your argument using data collected by others
  • Mitigate damages by focusing the repair work on areas that are predicted to fail instead of on comprehensive repairs to all areas
  • How inherent qualities of architectural terra cotta, combined with advancements in fabrication processes, make it equally suited for both historic building restoration and modern new-build construction which can be applied to a variety of façade attachment systems and construction methods
  • Using architectural terra cotta as a preferred choice for technologically complex, functional designs providing a cost-effective, thermally capable solution that lowers the overall global warming potential
  • Addressing material limitations early in the design process improves the probability for successful manufacture and installation of a terra cotta façade system
  • Latest developments in glass performance…what’s next?
  • Strategies to improve sustainability in a building’s environment
  • How to best implement smart glass technology in your next project
  • Considerations when designing with heritage structures and façades
  • Balancing pre-fab components versus site-built assemblies
  • Innovation in material selection and performance monitoring
  • Optimal design, matching the project specifications
  • Creating state of the art solutions, together with all stakeholders
  • Impressive case study: Quad, Malta
  • Innovative integration of the DOAS mechanical system with the façade
  • Maximizing vision glass height within floor-to-floor height limitations
  • Integration of building structure into façade design to maximize vision area
  • Innovative use of metal cladding systems for façade articulation
  • Scaling up and delivering cost effective building enclosure retrofits for Part 3 buildings
  • Deep energy retrofits and electrification
  • Synergies with seismic upgrades and prefabrication

Patrick Roppel

  • Key design concepts carry through to facade details
  • The building is shaped by the location, views, and light
  • Construction details reinforce volumetrics and atmospherics
  • Leveraging parametric modelling tools to develop coordinated design documentation on a complex façade
  • Cladding attachment engineering challenges and laying the foundations for success
  • Early engagement of the façade engineer and adopting a holistic system approach

  • Definition of embodied carbon and where to find information about the embodied carbon of a manufactured product
  • Reducing both embodied and operational carbon, which can have a positive impact on the natural environment
  • Strategically selecting combinations of low-emissivity (low-e) coatings and glass substrates to lower a building’s energy usage and operational carbon
  • Planning for challenges to a project’s embodied carbon reduction goals

  • Sustainable façade design with a carbon neutral solution
  • Attachment methods for ventilated rainscreens and curtainwall integration
  • Design considerations related to meeting the performance, budget criteria and the design intent for a project
  • Identify the most common reasons that bird building collisions occur in the Vancouver area
  • Investigate the different types of product testing
  • Assess some available and emerging glazing solutions
  • Problem: The quest to achieve a sustainable future for building façade design and installation is one that faces key challenges vis a vi the extremes of our rapidly evolving Canadian climate
  • Insight: Knowledge of key design principles to avoid failures in performance is only part of the solution, with those working in the field installing the façades may face unexpected challenges not addressed in drawings
  • Solution: Where does building sustainability start if not at the front lines of the envelope?
  • Understanding the most practical, effective building envelope solutions
  • Enclosure commissioning (BECx), a process that starts in design and carries through to construction
  • Meeting LEED V4 commissioning and State requirements
  • Why take on a project like the Curv, the tallest residential tower in Vancouver
  • Challenges of melding a sleek, elegant design with high performance
  • Groundbreaking aspects to the design
  • How this project is going to move the needle with respect to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions

Rick Gregory

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