135th Edition – Zak World of Façades Canada

This will be the 135th edition globally and the 1st edition in Montreal which will showcase sustainable innovations and challenges in the construction industry pertaining to the building envelope and will also display latest technological solutions.

Speakers and Panelists
Director, Eclad
Joe, a technical engineer, gained a broad experience in the exterior wall cladding sector from hands-on experience working on projects in Europe and the United States. His professional skills include a vast knowledge of the natural stone industry along with...
Principal, Populous
Elizabeth is a Principal of Populous and has led key stadium, arena, COEX and aviation projects around the world, such as the first dedicated stadium for a FA Women’s Super League team for a high-profile Premier League football club in...
VP - Architectural Sales, Polycor
Hugo Vega embarked on his journey in the natural stone industry in 2002, joining Polycor as Raw Blocks Export Manager. With exceptional leadership, Hugo’s role evolved over the years, encompassing sales, project management, and operations. Hugo’s strategic vision and dedication...
Architect, Ecological Transition and Innovation Division, City of Montreal
Joël Courchesne, MIRAC, LEED-AP BD+C &O+M, is a senior architect with 30 years of professional experience. A graduate of Université Laval, he completed his professional training in Toronto and Montreal. His architectural expertise and association with the Canada Green Building...
Energy Modeling Department Director, Martin Roy & Associates
Rodrigo Cerqueira has been the firm’s associate engineer at Martin Roy et Associés since 2022 and Director of the Energy Modeling Department since 2012. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Catholic University of Minas Garais since...
Principal Engineer - Building Envelope Performance, UL Laboratory Canada
Robert is a graduate of École Polytechnique, the engineering department of the University of Montréal, earning a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He has devoted his career since 1985 to building components testing and evaluation as well as standard and...
Climate & Sustainability Specialist, EllisDon
Senior Partner, NCK
Ms. Chartrand was a structural/civil engineering intern at NCK from 2006 to 2008. She joined NCK full-time in January 2009. Ms. Chartrand currently acts as project manager. She has been a senior partner and vice-president of the firm since 2019....
Director Architecture and Building Intelligence, Devimco
William Atkinson joined Devimco Immobilier in 2018 at the helm of the Architecture & Design team overseeing, since, more than two dozen high density residential and commercial projects in Montreal. While he is tasked on finding distinctive and innovative concepts...
Specification Manager, Saint-Gobain Glass Canada
Martin Durivage has worked with architects for 30 years. He is known for his passion for architecture and facade design. He has been creating, managing and delivering optimal Saint-Gobain Glass Facade specifications for 6 years. Low Carbon Glass will now...
Principal, RJC
Andrew Crosby has approached facade engineering with a passion. He has been involved with numerous projects engineering glass, steel, cable, and aluminum structures throughout Canada and the US. His accomplishments spans a multitude of sectors including commercial, recreational, healthcare, institutional...
President, Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes
An architect renowned for her leadership and in-depth knowledge of the construction market, Anik Shooner was one of the first women to co-found a major architectural firm in Montreal, in 1994, which she still manages today. Convinced that the architectural...
Specialist Engineer | Structural Glass, Elema
After graduating from McGill University in 1982, Ms. Cloutier began her career as a structural engineer with Shector Barbacki Shemie and Associates (now SBSA) until 1986 before founding Cloutier Powney & Associates. In 2000, the subsidiary CPA Structural Glass (CPA)...
Senior Partner | Design Principal, Lemay
In the course of a career spread out for more than 30 years, Eric Pelletier has accomplished a wide variety of projects infused with sensitivity and poetry, all of which have one thing in common: an approach focused on the...
Project Director, WSP
Marc-Olivier Houde is an architectural technologist (member of the OTPQ), project director and regional team manager for the Building Science division of WSP. Due to the large number of projects he has been involved in during his career, Marc-Olivier Houde...
Senior Partner | Project Director, NFOE
Mark Brooker brings extensive and relevant experience in complex building types from a career of over 38 years. He graduated from the University of Toronto in 1985 with a Bachelor’s in Architecture. He joined NFOE in 1997 and has worked...
President, ACDF
It’s really a question of emotion, the experience of a building. Creating architecture that elicits vivid feelings is at the heart of everything I do. In French, we call this approach to architecture ‘scénographie’ – the art of place-making, of...
Partner, Provencher_Roy
Mélanie Dupuis, Architect and Partner, LEED BD+C, has been with Provencher_Roy since 2007. Demonstrating a strong interest in contemporary interventions on works of mid-century architectural heritage, she leads sustainable development projects and retrofits, many of them in the cultural sector...
Team Lead Climate Risk and Resilience, WSP
A chemical engineer by training, Nicolas Sbarrato completed a master’s degree in environmental sciences at UQAM, where he specialized in soil and groundwater decontamination and contaminated site management. He has been working in environmental consulting since 2006, and has conducted...
Partner, Safdie Architects
International Business Manager, AGC Interpane
With a background as an architect, have been in the Glass Industry for the last 30 years. Started at Cricursa, a highly specialized company on curved and difficult dimensional shapes. Opened the world market and have participated on a long...
Associate | Building Envelope Consultant, Arup
Sudhir is an Associate in the Arup Toronto office. He specializes in integrating architectural design, building physics, daylighting, and structural engineering through digital design skills to provide a holistic approach to building envelope design. Sudhir has worked with multiple disciplines...
Regional General Manager, Reynaers Aluminium
Piero Delucia is a Regional General Manager at Reynaers Aluminum focused on developing successful organizations worldwide. Having a background as a Building Engineer-Architect, he spent more than 15 years in the architectural and building envelope domain gaining experience in technology,...
Principal | Façade Engineering, Morrison Hershfield
Anik is a senior building envelope engineer and project manager in Morrison Hershfield’s Façade Engineering team. In recent years, her focus has shifted to early building envelope design, which has allowed her to have a greater impact on building envelope...
Conference Agenda
  • Conceptual approach
  • Relationship between the building envelope and all building systems
  • LEED EAC1 Credit / Enhanced commissioning
  • Steps at design stage; design and specification review and comments
  • Steps prior construction; mock-up testing and performance evaluation
  • Steps during and after construction; site inspection and field testing
  • Is embodied carbon important compared to operational carbon at building, façade and material level?
  • How the world's first low carbon glass on the market was achieved
  • An example for glass manufacturing to move forward and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050
  • Locally extracted and fabricated granite: A sustainable cladding solution
  • Embedded carbon comparison: Stone on precast vs. stone on rain screen system
  • Additional advantages of the rain screen solution
  • What will be our climate in 2050 + Impacts of climate change on design criteria
  • How to adapt our approach for resilient and sustainable buildings
  • What is the current approach and what approach should be used in the future
  • The energy performance strategy of the complex and the achievement of sustainable development objectives
  • The architectural concept of the curtain wall and the constraints of the heritage building
  • Virtual reality (VR): A game changer in the decision-making process of architectural design
  • How VR can explain a very complex technical project solution in just a few minutes
  • Discovering mistakes with VR more easily and avoiding surprises at the building site
  • Rediscovery of Habitat 67: Epic Games and the dream of Habitat in Montréal
  • Project case studies: Building performance, pre-fabrication and permanence
  • A garden for everyone: Terraces, canopies, and waterfalls
  • Systems approach to creating façades with structure, environment and landscape
  • Latest innovations in structural engineering and how they can be applied to a residential or mixed-use project
  • The structural challenges of building densified vertical communities like Maestria, and the opportunities they offer for creating dynamic, suitable and inclusive urban living environments
  • The ways in which a building's structure and envelope can help transform the urban landscape while supporting sustainable, visionary, human-centered and community-oriented design

Eric Pelletier

  • Adapting our design approach to design more contributory projects while we are facing major environmental challenges
  • Evolution of our firm's thinking regarding the building envelope
  • Case study: Vivre 1 project in the Outremont borough of Montreal
  • How a reduced loads’ structural approach on the glass elements optimized the transparency
  • Teamwork, involving all disciples’ expertise, is key to the success of such projects
  • A pre-assembly of the glass cage in a workshop allowed for a daring site installation in winter like conditions
  • Selecting the right glass
  • Minimizing redundant structural elements
  • Improving thermal and building performance
  • Meeting the challenge to develop products with a positive environmental impact during their lifetime, without loss of quality
  • Reducing the environmental impact of the operational processes, including making rational use of energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Promoting the recycling of materials for the production of glass, and designing products that facilitate end-of-life recycling
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