Aibi Ogbebor

Associate Director | Façade Engineering, Meinhardt Façade Technology

Aibi Osunde-Ogbebor is an Associate at Meinhardt UK, London office. With a background in Architecture, she completed a Masters in Façade Engineering at the University ofBath in 2007. She has since spent the last 13 years working in Façade Engineering Consultancy, joining Meinhardt in 2014 and in late 2019 took leadership of the London Façade team. Aibi combines her knowledge of architecture and façade engineering to provide a multidisciplinary approach in providing solutions for each project requirement, taking into consideration the architectural design intent, Clients’ objectives and budget, as well as technical performance requirements of each project.

Aibi has extensive experience in working on a number of key projects both in the UK and internationally including Commercial, Residential and Retail Developments spanning both new-build and refurbishment works. Some of her key projects include the Atlas Building City Road, Parkhouse London, BBC phase IIand IQL S9

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