Ali Ali

Specifications Manager, KIMMCO-ISOVER

Ali is a Specifications Manager with 15 years of experience in the construction & manufacturing industries. A UK graduate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nottingham, he has overseen the construction and maintenance of more than 20 projects in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. In his role at Kimmco Isover, he has worked closely with designers, specifiers, and regulators, promoting the innovative and exciting solutions insulation products can provide for the ever more challenging requirements for sustainability and green buildings.

Through integrating the architectural design, cooling, and heating demands and fire safety regulations, I believe insulation plays the most crucial role in achieving the end user requirements for thermal and acoustic comfort while reducing the environmental impact on the planet.

Kimmco Isover is KIMMCO-Isover Mineral Wool Solutions are the preferred choice for most of GCC consultant offices, contractors and developers for more than 43 years, in different applications such as: HVAC insulation, Facade, Partition, Roof, Industrial, OEM and others.

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