Andy Russell

General Manager, Proctor Group Australia

Andy Russell has worked in the field of condensation management in Europe with UK based building envelope specialists A Proctor Group. Andy also worked in Japan for 7 years including a spell on secondment to Daiwa House, Japan’s largest housing manufacturer. He was involved in product development and conducted research into the performance of construction membranes at the Kyoto Institute of Technology.

On arrival in Sydney in 2007 he took with him some of the first vapour permeable construction membranes seen in this part of world. He was a contributor to the first edition of the “Condensation Handbook” published by the Australian Building Codes Board and the Australian Institute of Architects and has presented across Australia & New Zealand on this subject to several industry associations.

Andy is now the General Manager of Proctor Group Australia where he is motivated to improve the health and comfort of our built environment for current and future generations of occupants.

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