Antoine Pommier

Partner - Operations Director, Delhom Acoustics

Antoine’s first encounter with acoustics was through his love for music when he led a rock band on rock and roll tours in France! Little did he know that his passion for sound and physics would take him to the other side of the planet – Shanghai, China – where he joined Delhom Acoustics and worked closely with the founder and CEO to bring acoustic comfort to the APAC region. With a passionate and educational approach, Antoine takes each project personally and always provides clear communication to his clients regarding the acoustic aspects studied.

Antoine loves to collaborate closely with architects and interior designers, as his personal philosophy revolves around developing “invisible comfort” for users. By approaching acoustics with creativity and innovation, he respects the design intentions by seamlessly integrating and concealing acoustic solutions within landscape, architecture, and interior design approaches.

Antoine now lives in Ho Chi Minh City, where one of the biggest acoustic challenges he faces on projects includes facade acoustics: how can we create comfortable environments in the heart of this vibrant city, which has been ranked the fourth loudest city in the world, according to the United Nations!

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