Chanin Kulsurakit

Sustainable Designer (Energy & Environmental Analyst), Magnolia Quality Development Corporation

Chanin is a sustainable designer and well-being consultant at Research and Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC). He is a specialist on ventilation system design and computer simulation to analyze well-being in built environment e.g. energy consumption, daylight & artificial lighting design, and Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation (CFD). His effort is to apply building science research in to the real development and elevate the entire sector of real estate industry in Thailand.

Chanin holds a bachelor and master’s degree in architecture and Building technology that focusing on the design in energy, environment and human well-being from Thammasat University. His academic publication about dynamic daylight simulation was published at Built Environment Research Associates Conference (BERAC) which demonstrating the importance of sustainable solutions in building design, natural and mechanical ventilation system, indoor air quality, and renewable technology.