Chris O’Hara

Founding Principal, Studio NYL

Chris O’Hara is a Founding Principal of Studio NYL. Trained as a Structural Engineer, Chris has a passion for Architecture. This passion has fostered the collaborative approach that is a cornerstone of Studio NYL’s collaborative approach to structures and enclosures. Although Studio NYL is recognized for its skins work with cutting-edge glass and glazing, their team also specializes in digitally fabricated metal skins, GFRC, reinforced polymers, stone, ultra high performance concrete, terra cotta, and traditional precast. In addition to the structural aspects of facades, Chris’s focus is on constructability, fabrication and modularity within the Studio.

Chris has served as a board member on the AIA National TAP Committee as well as AIA Board of Directors. Chris has also been a board member of the Native American Sustainable Housing Initiative and participated in lectures with the Carbon Leadership Forum and the BSA’s Embodied Carbon 101 series for both Structure and Façade.

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    This will be the 102nd edition globally and the 4th edition in New York which will showcase sustainable innovations and challenges in the construction industry pertaining to the building envelope and will also display latest technological solutions.