Cristina Torres-Septién

Project Manager, JLL

Experience in construction projects such as civil construction, corporate interior construction and clean rooms, pharma, regulation, critical and non-critical installations and layouts construction experience in all the specialties. Schedules, critical routes, budget control, change orders, effective communication in every level of the organization. Proactive, making decisions with strategic proposal. Regultartion, layouts construction and construction execution. Total project control and administration of the schedule. RFP´s, Logistics, sourcing, quality control, sustainability, LEE, Well.

Cristina worked also at Compartamos Banco as Deputy Director at the BPM Processes CoE. During her role as Project Director at Laboratios Sanfer she made the corresponding strategy to the maintenance and the executive of the projects of the 17 plants that forms part of the group. As Project Director at HSBC, she implemented the design of the “Future Branch” applying it to the refurbishment of the 99 branches that form part of HSBC. Career Highlights: Compartamos Banco, Grupo Modelo, Dow Chemical, Bimbo, Apple, Sony, Astra Zeneca, Bristol Myers, Nextel, Standard&Poor’s, Walt Disney, HSBC, UBER, Solidigm, Exxity, among others.

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