Dan Popadynec

Principal | Director, New Construction Façades, SOCOTEC

With over 20 years of building envelope expertise, Mr. Popadynec’sbreadth of his experience spans consulting, design, testing, manufacturing, installation, special inspection and rehabilitation, with a focus primarily on new construction.

Assisting clients from the conceptual stages of a project through completion, he has participated in laboratory mock-ups where wall specimens were tested for air/water infiltration, high wind loading, extreme seismic movement and blast resistance. He has also investigated facade-related failures on several iconic buildings. Mr. Popadynec has a sound understanding of various technologies and how to combine them into a robust, economical and sustainable enclosure. He provides value-added ideas, up-to-date industry knowledge and a practical know-how gained from years on project sites.

A skilled communicator and thoughtful leader, Mr. Popadynec’spromotion to Director of New Construction Facades in 2016 allows him to showcase his effectiveness of managing a team of over 40 consultants and inspectors. He is currently a part of several technical committees that are developing the next generation of industry standards and building codes.

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