Daniel Vos

Principal, Heintges

Daniel A. Vos is a registered architect in New York State and a principal at Heintges Consulting Architects & Engineers, a full-service firm offering state-of-the-art expertise on the design and implementation of building envelopes. Mr. Vos studied architecture in both Paris and New York, and completed his master’s degree at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation of Columbia University.

At Heintges, his knowledge of glass design and building envelope performance have been fundamental in the realization of innovative and environmentally responsible building enclosures around the world. His wide experience in facades covers structural glass facades, historic, high-end flagship stores, net-zero buildings, iconic residential developments, and towers that demarcate cities’ skylines.

Mr. Vos is committed to furthering research and development in facade design in the facade industry, and also in academic contexts. He currently teaches at Columbia University GSAPP where he is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Architecture.