David Nicastro

CEO, Alanna Buick & Bers Building Diagnostics

David Nicastro founded Engineering Diagnostics, Inc. in 1994, which grew to be an Inc. 500 firm by 2000. He also founded Building Diagnostics, Inc., which was the parent company until merging in 2022 with Allana Buick & Bers, Inc. Before starting these firms, David was a Principal Design Engineer for Law Engineering and a national leader of its forensic services.

He is an expert in causation theory, with an emphasis on failure mechanisms of building materials and systems. He analyzes existing buildings and designs remedies.

David is also an expert in durability, and created The Durability Lab, a testing center in Austin, Texas. With local professors, students, and colleagues, he studies the durability of building components, identifying factors causing premature failure.

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