Ho Joon Lee

CEO, G-Smatt Global

Ho Joon Lee, CEO of G-SMATT Co., Ltd., has a very peculiar background. He has a PhD degree in biochemistry from Cambridge University and then went on to join JPMorgan as an equity analyst covering IT media sector for 9 years. Seeing IT media has not been properly integrated into architecture, he quit and founded a venture company, G-SMATT Co., Ltd, in 2011 with a mission to develop the world’s first ever architectural building material that has embedded IT media functionality. G-SMATT’s innovative G-Glass bestows storytelling capability to buildings creating revolutionary new ways to unlock and enhance property value. The company has started to make significant mark in the architectural industry taking many prestigious global innovation awards and projects. His non-architectural out-of-the-box insight is giving fresh ideas and challenging the very way how conventional architects and developers look at architecture.

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