Eduardo McIntosh

Associate, Grimshaw

Eduardo McIntosh was born in Ecuador, South America; where he received his first Professional Architect degree. During his years in Ecuador, Eduardo designed multiple commercial, sports and hospitality projects. Amongst these projects, several Stadia designs as well as the “Meson del Quijote” Eco-Resort stand out. The former proposed innovative façade treatments that generated non-standard revenue streams for the venues and the later was entirely constructed out of local bamboo, giving Eduardo the opportunity to specialise in the cultivation, harvesting and detail design of complex, large bamboo structures.

After several years of professional practice in South America, Eduardo won a Fulbright Scholarship which took him to further his academic studies at Columbia University in New York. At Columbia, Eduardo was awarded a Master in Science in Advanced Architectural Design, graduating with several honours and prizes such as the Kinne Travelling Fellowship and the Award for Excellence in Design.

Eduardo moved to London under the behest of one his tutors at Columbia, Sir Peter Cook, and continued to develop his passion for Stadia and Event Venue design for nearly a decade. During this period Eduardo lead several design competition teams and was involved in the design of a World Cup and Winter Olympics Stadium, a UEFA Euro Cup stadium and a Summer Olympics stadium amongst others. In all of his stadia and arena projects, a lot of emphasis was put on the functionality and revenue generating potential of the facades, as these constitute a substantial amount of the actual building cost of a venue.

Eduardo remained in contact with the academic world through a number teaching positions at the Architectural Association in London and Birmingham City University where he successfully lead one of the graduate design studios for several years. His interest in experimental architecture drove him to participate and win several international competitions including the “Spiretec” competition in India, which led to his appointment to produce the concept design of the signature tower of what is today being marketed as World Trade Center, Noida in the outskirts of New Delhi. A prominent element of his design was an environmental façade-canopy designated as an “Eco-Shield”

While at Grimshaw Architects Eduardo has worked in several sports projects in the Middle East, Including two state of the arts Aquatic Centres which efficiently deal with the challenges of privacy management vs natural daylighting through an interesting interaction of façade and roof elements.

Eduardo currently leads the design team of Grimshaw Architects’ South East Asia practice based out of Kuala Lumpur and has been involved in the TRX Project under Grimshaw’s precinct architect role. Coordinating the overall design narrative of the project and developing specific aspects in conjunction with local Malaysian architects. Apart from TRX, Eduardo has been involved in the development of several High Rise schemes in the region, where facade optimization based on environmental efficiency and local construction and budget targets have been of great interest