Erdal Özdemir

Director, Dome + Partners

Erdal Ozdemir is a rare example of analytical engineering brain and fairytale mind in one person. Graduated as a Civil Engineer from Yildiz Technical University and as an Architect from the Mimar Sinan Univercity 3rd in his major, Mr. Erdal has a clear vision of how not only to design a project, but also how to make it possible to implement. As a creative person with the attention to the small details, he likes to write and draw comics and fairytales. This skill came much in use while designing the concept of the huge Leasure complex and Theme park in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Another project he is proud of is a futuristic yet modest unique building of the Museum of Khoja Ahmet Yasawi in Turkistan, Kazakhstan, designed in partnership with DOME+Partners.

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