Franz Prinsloo

Senior Associate Principal, KPF

A Senior Associate Principal with over 16 years of experience, Franz Prinsloo has contributed to KPF’s portfolio of iconic projects, from Austin’s first supertall tower to the final plot at New York’s World Trade Center. He has been central to the studio’s efforts in developing advanced computational tools for complex façade studies during the design and documentation processes, aiding consultant collaborations and streamlining data sharing methods between architects and contractors.

Franz has served as a Project Manager on many local and global developments, and his works emphasize the project’s context, taking thoughtful consideration into the design and impact of the new development. In Austin, Franz manages Waterline, which embraces its site along Waller Creek through its set-back form, taking inspiration from the neighboring waterways. Franz also worked on 5 WTC, a mixed-use tower that mediates between the historic texture of the neighborhood and the modern character of the World Trade Center. And in Atlanta, 1020 Spring Street is a “hospitality-forward” office building with lively collaboration spaces and flourishing greenery.

Outside of the US, Franz worked on CITIC Tower, a 528-meter tall office that serves as the crown jewel of Beijing’s Central Business District. His work in Asia also includes mixed-use developments in Wuhan, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.

Franz is a member of the ULI and AIA. He has guest lectured for the Graduate Real Estate Development Program at Columbia University and has guest critiqued for the Architecture Program at North Carolina State University. He graduated in 2006 from University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

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