Günter Übelacker

General Manager, Heavydrive GmbH

Günter Übelacker is the dynamic Managing Director of Heavydrive GmbH, a leading company in transportation and assembly of oversized glass panes based in Tapfheim. Under his leadership the company has developed into a global player in the industry, known for its innovative solutions for complex glass assembly projects.

Übelacker, who led the company into numerous international markets, is largely responsible for the strategic direction and expansion of Heavydrive. Under his leadership, the company opened subsidiaries in Switzerland, Canada, Dubai and the USA to meet the demand for assembly solutions for large glass panes.

His vision for Heavydrive includes the development of customized solutions that address specific challenges on construction sites worldwide. For example, the company has developed special suction and lifting systems that enable extremely large and heavy glass panes to be installed with precision. Übelacker always emphasizes the importance of customer proximity and adaptability to local conditions, which makes Heavydrive a reliable partner for complex construction projects.

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