Ida Bryn

Director - Energy & Enviornment, Multiconsult

Ida has worked with indoor climate, energy efficiency and the environment in buildings for over 40 years, both in planning and research. This requires a comprehensive approach that includes both the building body, technical installations and energy supply. She obtained a PhD in indoor climate and energy design of glass farms. Passive solutions and facade solutions to reduce the need for technical installations and especially cooling have been central. The work has included the design of solutions for good thermal comfort and daylight as well as energy efficiency. An example of an R&D project is Facades of glass – which performes as promised, which among other things resulted in 3 guides on sun shading, tightness and thermal bridges respectively. These can be found on the website of the Glass and Facade Association. In recent years, the analyzes of the buildings and the technical solutions also include LCA considerations where greenhouse gas is taken into account both in materials for building and energy use in operation.

Ida has worked interdisciplinary with energy and environmental consulting in a number of large projects since 2004 and was certified as Breeam AP in 2021. Until recently, Ida held a Professor II position at Oslo and Akershus University College, in the master’s program in energy and environment, with responsibility for the subject “Energy design and building physics”. She has supervised a number of bachelor’s and master’s theses as well as a PhD.

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