Jianjun Yang

Chief Technical Officer, Xinyi Glass

Mr. Jianjun Yang has been working now for Xinyi Glass for over 10 years, plus another 25 years experiences in academic research activities in China Glass Research Institute before joining Xinyi Glass which is now the leading glass manufacturers in China with Seven manufacturing facilities established across China and one in Malaysia. His main focus relates to technology and innovative product development, especially on the energy efficient related glazings, providing solutions to various problems in design, selection and application of glasses in buildings. Due to his great achievements in material sciences, he was honored Government Outstanding Expert with Special Allowance by the State Council in 2005 and often invited to participate in drafting related national regulations and standards, as an active member in many technical committees.

Yang Jianjun got his Bachelor degree in Material Science in Eastern China University of Science and Technology and Master degree in Applied Mechanics in Beijing Aeronautic and Aviation University.