Jim Stringfellow

Facade Engineer, G.James Glass & Aluminium

Jim had his beginnings in diverse civil engineering fields, gravitating into structural engineering, then residing as a structural engineer for 6 years amongst the breath-taking, high-rise facades of Hong Kong, which inspired in him a passion to learn the mystery behind that most fatally flawed engineering material – glass!

Returning to Australia, his focus shifted to learn all concerning the pioneering and challenging discipline of façade engineering. He joined the G.James’ family as an engineer, and has appreciated the opportunity to grow within this humble company possessing an encyclopedia of façade knowledge accumulated over 100+ years of operation.

Unbeknownst to him at the time, inhouse R&D, design, testing, manufacturing, installation and project management of façades turned out to be quite unique on this planet. Modern manufacturing has seen most renowned façade contractors depart from vertically integrated business models, to mimic Boeing & Airbus, who no longer manufacture their own components, but only assemble components sourced from external specialist manufacturers…thereby dispersing their knowledge.

Jim also inspires a generation of future façade engineers and architects through part-time lecturing and post-graduate collaborative research with several Brisbane universities. Volunteer work in technical committees progressing Australian Standards is a further rewarding aspect of his career.

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