Joe Tabet

Managing Director, JT + Partners

Joe Tabet is an exceptional multi-award-winning architect with +20years extensive experience in worldwide architecture, construction industry, master-planning and urban design.

Since establishing JT+Partners in 2015, with offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Joe continuously demonstrates excellent records of initiating/ leading business growth strategies, utilising lessons learned, knowledge gained from previous leadership, business experiences/achievements, ensuring JT+Partners maintains its recognition as world-renown consultant, delivering iconic, environmental/socially sustainable projects around the world: from Morocco to Seychelles, Lebanon, India, Sri Lanka, Angola, Cameroon, Zanzibar, Egypt, Portugal, Greece, KSA and UAE, spanning residential, hospitality, commercial, mixed-use, masterplan developments.

Proactive in full commitments to CSR, Joe is passionate on raising awareness on sociable/sustainable communities, giving his staff good health/financial benefits, fostering future generation, conducting business ethically/fairly and supporting worthy causes. Outside of the practice, he actively participates in panel discussions, attends international industry related exhibits, gives interviews with magazines to share his knowledge, experiences and viewpoints.

Ranked amongst the most powerful architects and influencers in the Region, Joe was awarded Executive of the Year2018 (ME Consultant Award) and Principal of the Year2017 (ME Architect Awards). His projects received awards/recognitions from Cityscape, MEA, Arabian Property, UAE Business Awards and UAP Dubai.

An inspiration to designers and architects in the Region, Joe has proven how an architect wearing different hats, from creative designer, to business/ marketing/ staff management strategist, sustainability advocate, CSR supporter, visionary business leader, multi-award-winner, can handle business differently, achieve success, contribute positively to the growing development of the Region.

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