Jojo Tolentino

President, AIDEA

Our keynote speaker is Jojo Tolentino, president and CEO of Aidea, Inc., a 240-strong multidisciplinary design and tech firm with over 800 completed projects in five continents.

According to the WA100, a prestigious annual survey by the UK-based BD Online, Aidea is among the world’s Top 100 firms in square meters of built projects and dollar revenues.

From 91st place in 2010, Aidea has been climbing up the WA100 rankings to 47th place in 2018.

Architect Tolentino credits the company’s growth to strategic innovation and his teams’ commitment to keep learning and improving.

Currently, Aidea is pushing the envelope in Virtual Design and Construction and BIM in Asia and has recently launched an international alliance of property development experts to provide services relevant to a development’s full lifecycle, from pre-design to post-construction.

The vision is to become a global integrated service provider for development projects by 2025.

He is an APEC and ASEAN Architect, Ernst and Young’s Innovation Entrepreneur Awardee, and the Philippine Regulation Commission’s Outstanding Professional of 2017 in the field of Architecture.