Jonathan Hewlett

Principal, Warren and Mahoney

Jonathan leads the Warren and Mahoney hotel portfolio. He works across a wide scope of disciplines, including commercial and hospitality, medium to high density apartments and student accommodation, hospitality, resort and hotel master planning, interior design, and education environments. The common thread is complexity; Jonathan excels at adapting architectural principles to meet any project. He is drawn to innately challenging briefs – whether in scale, nature, or logistics – and resolving the tensions between functionalities, technicalities and stakeholders. Jonathan is involved in the whole process of design and construction, from the first sketch through to the fully formed built environment. As a lead designer, he explores ideas and expands spaces through defining features and details, bringing an architectural craftsmanship to the purpose of the building. His approach to advising clients is underpinned by integrity and authenticity, and he builds relationships that have lasted years beyond the course of a project.

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