Jürgen Einck

Associate Partner | Head of Façade Engineering, Drees & Sommer

After completing a degree in civil engineering, Jürgen Einck began his professional career in 1991 as a construction manager in the structural engineering sector. Since 1993 he has specialized in facade technology. In 2000, Jürgen Einck joined Drees & Sommer as a façade consultant/designer. Since 2018 he has headed up Drees & Sommer Facade Engineering as an Associate Partner. His guiding principle: “When developing a sustainable and future-proof facade concept, you not only need to give equal consideration to the diverse aspects and interactions between architecture, facade engineering, building services equipment, building physics, ecology, recyclability (C2C) and cost-efficiency, but you also have to take a comprehensive and holistic approach to resolving any conlficts between them.” And all this in a spirit of interdisciplinary teamwork combined with enthusiasm and passion. As chairman of the VDI working group, Jürgen Einck was significantly involved in the development of the “VDI Guideline 6203 Facade Planning”. He is the author or co-author of various technical books and other publications. He is also a board member for Drees & Sommer in the “A|U|F” Aluminum and Environment in Window and Facade Construction.

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