Kapil Handa

Founder and CEO, Studio DRA Architects

Architect Kapil Handa is the Principal of Studio DRA architects that he founded about 12 years ago in London with his International partners and gradually expanded the practice in India after a successful stint in Singapore and Europe.

Studio DRA has a unique distinction of being the only full-service architectural design studio involved with the maximum number of Airport projects in India that are procured under the EPC procurement system.

His extensive international and local experience in the planning and design of airport terminals and Aviation masterplans, combined with the evidence-based approach to design and collaborative work processes, makes him uniquely qualified for the aviation projects. The Vijayawada Airport Terminal Building was the first and the fastest constructed terminal building under EPC system designed and coordinated by him 5 years back. He has recently worked on the Kanpur, Bellary, and Itanagar Airports under the EPC contracts. And most recently he has designed maldives’ second largest greenfield airport which is going to break the ground soon.

His firm is passionately committed to designing buildings and creating environments that optimise the energy efficiency and are just more sustainable with special emphasis on the facade designs.

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