Michael Soubotin

Design Specialist - Building Enclosure, Turner Construction

Michael Soubotin is a Building Enclosure Design Specialist with the Turner Engineering Group, an inhouse resource comprised of licensed engineers and architects dedicated to providing integrated expertise, technical analyses, and design oversight on Turner projects. He leads the Group’s Building Enclosure Team, providing pre-construction, engineering, and forensic services to mitigate risks and optimize the performance of indicated envelope designs.

On a mission to reduce the carbon footprint of the construction industry, Michael works closely with Turner University, providing training in building science fundamentals, constructability, and sustainability topics to Turner staff nationwide. He also teaches high-performance building enclosure concepts to the community, raising awareness of passive envelope design.

Michael has 20 years of experience in architectural design, engineering, construction administration and management, with a focus on envelope projects. Over the years, he has accrued practical knowledge and experience of almost every common enclosure assembly and fenestration system. His resume spans a broad range of facade and roof types, from wastewater treatment plants to cultural institutions, many of which achieved design excellence awards.

He holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cornell University and is an associate of the Design
Build Institute of America.

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