Michele Rossi

Co-Founding Partner, Park Associati

Michele Rossi is Co-Founding Partner of Park Associati, a practice focused on architectural design, urban planning, landscape, interior design and product design.

The approach of the practice is analytical, pragmatic and tailored, strong in tradition and at the same time capable of generating new linguistic codes through a process that combines listening, intuition and experimentation.

Whether it is the Regione Lombardia skyscraper, the Luxottica or Salewa headquarters, a residential space, luxury boutiques around the world, the retrofitting of a Milan’s Modernist building or the restoration of an entire neighbourhood, Park Associati sees each project as an opportunity to seek innovative, tailor-made solutions expressed through quality and attention to human beings.

The creative spirit that permeates design fosters the practice’s flexibility and ability to meet the challenges of each new project. Through innovation, Park Associati investigates reality to evolve our community and share new ideas.

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