Naveen Sandhu

Specification Manager - UK & Ireland, AkzoNobel

Naveen oversees the development of architectural activity for AkzoNobel, manufacturers of the market leading brand of powder coatings; Interpon.

For over 8 years, he has collaborated with architects, fa├žade consultants, main contractors, cladding sub-contractors and approved powder applicators on a wide spectrum of projects, across commercial, high-end residential, education, and health sectors.

Naveen has a strong track record in providing extensive technical and material support across the construction supply chain, delivering guidance on standard and bespoke finish solutions to complement the design of aluminum and steel facade components. This extends to offering in-depth insight into future colour trends, subsequently helping to shape the visual architectural landscape.

This breadth has given Naveen experience of all the problems that can occur in specification of coatings – from huge colour shifts, to peeling paint, corrosion, on-site repair and even the wrong colour being used.