Neil Murphy

Partner, MFS Group

Neil Murphy has provided and led the technical delivery of facade design consultancy services on many local and international flagship projects over a period of almost 20 years. Neil’s experience includes projects throughout Europe and the middle east and includes a 4-year period working in the facade consultancy industry in Australasia.

In 2012, Neil established MFS, a specialist facade design consultancy company whose aim is to work primarily with architectural and property development companies. Over the following years the MFS team has grown to 27 people with dedicated offices in Dublin, London, Paris and Prague. Through the utilisation of advanced software technologies MFS’ core competencies have also grown to include facade focused complex geometry analysis and resolution and BIM consultancy services. MFS’ main focus is to help clients achieve their creations by providing specialist technical advice and input which is grounded in a history of involvement on interesting projects of varying levels of complexity utilising both bespoke design solutions and proprietary systems.

MFS’ input ranges from general strategy-based advice for facade procurement to performance specification to the complex problem solving of bespoke detailing, system development and related technical analysis in a wide range of materials.

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