Piet Lycke

Senior Façade Engineer, Arup Japan

Piet Lycke is Arup’s Tokyo office Façade Discipline Leader, heading a team of 10+ engineers and designers. His passion for façade design lies in the multi-facetted challenge to balance architectural design intent with technical and sustainability requirements.

He has a mixed background of architectural planning and building engineering and is professionally licensed as an Architect-Engineer [Ir.-Arch.] in Belgium. Since joining Arup in 2008, he has contributed to a wide range of projects in Japan and abroad. His involvement extents from technical consultancy work to engineering design scope during all project stages.

As Project Manager and Lead Façade Engineer, he has a notable track record of managing global multidisciplinary Arup teams involved in the technical consultation and engineering design of numerous high-end retail stores in Japan. In addition to technical contributions, his Japanese language skills and cultural awareness are an asset to liaise with local stakeholders for overseas clients.

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