Rakesh Pant

Deputy General Manager, KinLong

Rakesh Pant is a highly skilled & experienced Sales Professional with over 7 years of experience in the field of Facade and Door & Window Industry.

His in-depth knowledge of what his customer’s needs are and what technology is available today allows him to exceed customer’s expectations and provide excellent services. He is passionate about developing and maintaining strong relationships centered on trust with each of his customers.

His top notch sales strategies and exceptional presentation skills to help his customers choose the best products on the market today and helping company to grow towards bright excellence.

Understanding the engineering and design aspects of the door & windows and Facade has added value to numerous sales as well as design decisions and enabled the stake holders to make well-informed choices. With his team of skilled professional sales engineers, he has provided specialized and unique solutions to some of the most iconic projects in Indian Subcontinent along with research and development of new and current products in response to shifting the market dynamics.

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