Rhodri Evans

Façade Consultant, Billings Design Associates

Principle of Billings Design Associates Dublin. Rhodri has collaborated with them since 2016 and is a registered architect and Member of the Society of Façade Engineering.

Rhodri has worked on the detailed design, testing and installation of prestigious projects such as MECD Manchester with Mecanoo, BDP and Balfour Beatty and Manchester’s SODA with FCB Studio.

Rhodri has worked on the design specification and delivery of major residential projects including Once Crown Place, One Nine Elms with KPF and the Wardian with Glenn Howells in London. With over 30 years of experience he has worked on super prime office projects such as 100 Liverpool Street with Hopkins architects. His experience includes international collaboration and experience with specialist façade sub contractors in China and Europe. Building typologies include residential pencil towers, higher education super prime office and mixed use including retail. Façade package values range from £10 m to £70m.

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