Salvador Garcia

Sr. Associate | Director of Student Housing, Perkins & Will

Salvador Garcia is a valued Project Architect boasting twenty-two years of industry experience. Raised amidst the evolving skylines of Chicago, IL, and Houston, TX, Salvador’s formative years were imbued with a profound appreciation for architecture’s transformative influence on surroundings.

As a LEED professional in building design and construction and a revered BIM authority, Salvador’s expertise is in high demand. His design ethos embodies practicality, sensibility, and rationality, while maintaining an openness to innovation.

Deeply committed to community betterment, Salvador actively contributes to advocating for sustainable housing diversity in Austin, Texas, His diverse portfolio spans residential, mixed-use, adaptive reuse, education, and healthcare projects, each reflecting his unwavering dedication to elevating built environments.

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    This will be the 154th edition globally and the 1st edition in Austin which will showcase sustainable innovations and challenges in the construction industry pertaining to the building envelope and will also display latest technological solutions.