Selma Zerhouni

Director, AM Editions

Born in 1958, near the old city, Fès, in Morocco, Selma Zerhouni has a French high school diploma. In 1976-1982, she obtained a master degree in architecture, DESA, from the top school of architecture “Ecole spéciale d’Architecture” in Paris. In 1982, she came back to Morocco and worked in the Urban Agency of Casablanca on the first urban planning of the town. In 1990, she worked in her own agency. In 2000, she wrote her first book about architecture in adobe: « Architecture de Terre au Maroc ». Operational assignments: – Journalism, she managed « La vie économique », a special about urbanism and Architecture – Manager. She created and managed a first professional press group. She is « director of publication » of the most famous magazine in Morocco, AM Architecture du Maroc. She is Arabic native speaker, bilingual in French, fluent in English. She has 3 childrens.

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