Serina Hijjas

Director, Hijjas Kasturi Associates

Director of Hijjas Kasturi Associates Sdn with over 30 years of experience in the field of architectural planning & design. Graduated from Bartlett School of Architecture andUniversity of Sydney joined Foster & Partners in London for a three year stint beforereturning to Malaysia. Serina Hijjas have been active in the area of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable design since her formative years in architectural practice in London.

Awardee of three Asean Energy Efficiency Awards: – the 55 storey Telekom Malaysia Headquarters Building (2005); First Runner-Up Securities Commission HQ (2003) and First Runner-UpPutrajaya International Convention Centre (2007). Works extends to Ericsson Building, Putrajaya Lighting and Water masterplan, AIMST University in Malaysia, Shell Headquarters and Celcom Tower. One of the latest of projects includes the new Heriott Watt University campus at Putrajaya with an amazing green roof and total landscape footprint of 80% .Board member of Malaysia Green building Confederate ( member of WGBC) and a founding member of the Green Building Index(GBI) and Accreditation panel involved intensively in the Township tool for transformation of towns and larger developments into Green developments.

Architect Serina lectures on Rethinking Sustainability and is a working member on the formation of the Green Building Index Township tool and reference guides for Malaysia.The Malaysian EXPO pavillion 2016 represented sustainable materials and construction to show the new direction of Malaysia in sustainable timber.

The innovation work of Hijjas architects and Planners ( Hijjas Kasturi Associates Sdn ) has been synonimous with innovation and design creativity for the series of building that they have created in the past 30 years of practice. This traditional continues on in the works of Serina Hijjas. A pioneer in Green building design for over 15 years with the design of Telekom Malaysia and Securities commission which designs already incorperates Energy Efficiency and passive design elements to the latest largest green roof design in Malaysia the Heriot Watt university.