Tom Darmon

Co-Managing Partner, Antonini Darmon

We founded the agency Antonini Darmon Architects in Paris in 2006. Our creative system was born from the partnership of two complementary yet different personalities. We aim to propose an original architectural interpretation, where each project follows a path having its own identity and dynamics. Our approach is inspired by the will to create intimate living quarters which interact with the outside world. Our aim is to develop contextual; sober, creative architecture that takes full account of the issues and problems – economic, social, political – underlying the urban reality.

More than twenty buildings are now delivered, under construction or in development. Living space, workplaces, public places: we undertake all programs. Downtown, metropolitan areas, suburbs, new neighborhoods: we engage with the diversity of sites and all the possible ways to make a city in the 21st century. Antidotes to pessimism, our projects fit their context; their building systems, their types, their uses, their materials are always appropriate. Representing a dialogue with the city, our buildings are open to the world, user-friendly and indexed to the future.

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