Tommaso Frizzale

Associate Lighting Director, Sahvia Group

Associate Lighting Director of SAHVIA GROUP, through his 20 years of an international career in architectural design, in collaboration with many prestigious firms globally, Tommaso has spent the last 10 years specializing in architectural lighting, designing numerous projects from the concept to the realization, such as hotels, resorts, offices and residential blocks, especially in Asia on every scale of size, including landscapes and parks, achieving numerous awards.

Lighting for every day and lighting for special moments by designing amazing lighting shows to surprise and fascinate the spectators. Among his lighting projects designed, there are many tower buildings, among the tallest in the world, located mainly in the Chinese territory.

For Tommaso, lighting is an integral part of architecture and not just a decoration. “The lighting interacts with people, with their lives and their stories in the theater of everyday life, giving each project the opportunity to be exalted by the harmonious integration of light in the landscape of the urban skyline, under the night sky”.

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