Tony Nguyen

Director - Façade Engineering, Van Aelst I Nguyen & Partners

Tony Nguyen is a Façade Engineering Director with 18 years of international working experience (in United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, Vietnam and China). He has strong experience in façade and management small – to-large scale projects from concept design to completion of commercial, high-rise, offices, hospitality, medical and airports up to 1 billion USD. He received Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (United Kingdom) and M.Sc. in Facade Engineering (United Kingdom).

Tony has an extensive background in the design, selection and procurement of the building fabric. His understanding of fabric systems and their impact on the building form and performance provides a unique view of total engineered solutions. He has particular expertise in the design and procurement of facades for tall buildings, and is knowledgeable in aspects of energy responsive and efficient facade design. This includes the selection and performance of glass in a range of applications, the use of multiple skin facade concepts, and the development of facade integrated photovoltaic systems.

A selection of key project he has been involved in include Viettel Headquarter in Hanoi, WiNK Hotels Vietnam, Marriott Hotel Saigon, Shanghai Financial Tower, Frasers Broadway Central Park Sydney, Shanghai Novartis Campus and various other international projects.

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