Uğur Özgüven

Founding Principal, Özgüven Mimarlik

Özgüven Architecture and Construction company, which was established in 2004 with its brother Özgür Onur Özgüven including Ankara Center and Istanbul branch, provides services in the field of architectural projects, urban design and construction sector. The success of the company attracts the attention of many domestic and foreign investors, construction companies, private real estate investors and government institutions, plus, the scope and reputation of the company portfolio are expanding.

Ozguven, which uniquely analyzes large-scale design, project and application services, has been working on application experiences that are creative, research-oriented and meet the needs of the age since its establishment. With its versatile experience, from mass housing to commercial buildings, large-scale urban design projects to religious buildings, it undertakes more than 50 different projects annually.

Ozguven, which is able to meet the needs of today and tomorrow, to produce sustainable and permanent buildings with high standards and high aesthetic values, directs its designs with the consciousness of constructing sustainable spaces that live with people and can change according to their needs when necessary.

Ozguven, which expands the architectural boundaries by researching new ideas, approaches and materials, acts with the understanding of “architecture for all”, underlining that architecture does not belong only to a certain group.

He aims to have a voice in the international arena by transferring his experience to all employees and creating a high standard working environment, reflecting his own unique culture in his designs, thus making his name in different geographies.

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