Umur Ahmet Duymaz

Head of Sales, Orgadata

Umur Ahmet Duymaz is a Head of Sales of ORGADATA. A global software company, invented LogiKal for the best windows, doors, facades, and curtain wall established and based Leer, Lower Saxony, Germany.

He also manages and leads Orgadata Yalizim in Istanbul, Orgadata Middle East in Dubai and Orgadata India Pvt in Mumbai and is responsible of 95 countries. He is known for his enthusiasm and skills in project planning, new business development, business strategy, sales management and international sales, a born leader and most of all the best at being friendly.

UAD holds a degree of Bachelor of Engineering at Istanbul University Major in Industrial Engineering. In his 18 years in aluminium WDF industry and more specifically at Orgadata, his main objective is to help his customers and partners to have the best customer experience by putting digital transformation at the center.

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